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Asia Trails Network (ATN)
The Asia Trails Network officially established in January 2014. It is aim to share trail issues and common value and take the initiative in building a sustainable development of trail industry through knowledge sharing and an effective cross-promotional platform for trails, the creation of a healthy walking travel culture, the protection of natural resources and the implementation of corporate marketing. The lead organizations of trail and walking associations in Asia are playing a key role to establish the global trail network

ATN Main Programs
- Campaign for natural resources preservation
- Knowledge sharing and an effective cross
- Promotional platform for trails
- Improving the quality of life and fitness in the community through trails
- Building healthy walking culture and increasing walking tour
- Implementing a corporate marketing and promotion
- Various events including international trails conference with World Trails Network

Asia Trails Network Membership (Last updated in November 2014)

Membership Country Name of Organization Name of Trail
Regular China Mountain Journey China National Trails System (NTS)
Regular Japan Kyushu Olle Certified Councils Kyushu Olle
Regular Japan Tottori Walking Resort Promotion Council Walkking Resort
Regular Korea Gangneung Baugil Trail Foundation Baugil
Regular Korea Green Consumers Network Daegu Olle
Regular Korea Gubulgil Association Gubulgil
Regular Korea Happy Walking in Busan Busan Galmaetgil
Regular Korea Jeju Olle Foundation Jeju Olle Trail
Regular Korea Korean Trails and Culture Foundation Haeparang Trail
Regular Korea Korean Trails Association
Regular Korea Naepo Trail Naepo Trail
Regular Korea The Pathway Foundation Jirisan Trail
Regular Korea Yeogang River Trail Yeogang River Trail
Associate Japan Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization Kyushu Olle
Associate Korea Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Tourism Association  

Asia Trails Network Logo

Asia Trails Network Logo

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[Contact] Asia Trails Network Secretariat
[China] Mountain Journey China T. +86 (0)10-6836-8450 E.
[Japan] Tottori Walking Resort Promotion Council T. +81 (0)858-24-5725 E.
[Korea] Jeju Olle Foundation T. +82 (0)64-762-2190 E.

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