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What is the World Trails Network?
World Trails Network (WTN) / Asia Trails Network (ATN)
To build a sustainable development of trail industry, to create a healthy walking trip culture and to protect natural resources, we’re working for establishing the world’s first international trail network. As a regional hub of World Trails Network, Asia Trails Network will be officially established during 4th World Trails Conference.

World Trails Network Committee
World Trails Network Committee was constituted represented by a diverse group of trails during 2012 World Trails Conference to make the World Trails Network an inclusive and meaningful network that aims to support the culture of trail around the world, encouraging sustainable trail development, knowledge sharing and an effective cross-promotional platform for trails. The World Trails Network looks forward to growing to a sustainable ethos for trails and the promotion of a walking culture which connects communities and walkers to both culture and nature.

World Trails Network Logo&CI

The logo carries the significance why it is necessary to have a united institution among all trail related institutions of the world, and which direction should be taken to move forward. The contour on the left, with a dark brown image, symbolizes the Earth, soil, and the trail drawn above the image. Each of the tens of small and different dots, from brown to gray colors, symbolizes each trail from different places in the world that will join the World Trails Network, from different places in the world. The dots expressed in different colors represent the different characteristics of each trail. The trails, becoming one in a bigger category, will move forward towards the future like the upwardly rising image. The color on the right signifies the future of the Earth’s environment, that is the future of the green. The big tree branch is the expression that it will provide solid shade to safeguard the World Trails Network.
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